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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 17, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard -- ease their expertise in global finance the guide you through the business strategies
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and opportunities of international commerce. we put our extended global that work to work for a wide range of companies from small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is "bbc world news america." barack obama fights back for the second presidential debate. igniting a lively clash with governor romney. >> i had a question, and the question was how much did you cut them by? >> i am happy to answer the question. >> a bank in new york charged with attempting to blow up the federal reserve building. and a sporting legend, lance
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armstrong loses his lucrative deal with nike in the midst of a dramatic doping scandal. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. barack obama and governor romney have returned to the campaign trail today following the fiery debate. huge pressure on president obama last night to overcome his lackluster showing in the first debate. governor romney gave little ground, setting the stage for a series of bruising exchanges. the north american editor was watching. >> in 19 days' time, what man will be elected president. both are claiming victories in the big debate.
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the two men face questions from the audience which reflected the overwhelming worry. >> what can you say to reassure me and my parents that i will be able to support myself? >> what has happened over the last four years has been very hard for america's young people. i know what it takes to get this economy going. >> president obama under pressure after his past performance in the last debate and went on the attack. >> he has a one-point plan, to make sure the people at the top plate by a different set of rules. it has been his philosophy as a governor and as a presidential candidate. >> used to getting their own way, determined to get the last word. >> not true, governor romney.
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>> they got uncomfortably close. >> i have a question, how much did you cut them by? >> i happy to answer the question. >> and odd phrase talking about equal opportunities. >> i said, can you help us find folks? they brought us binders full of women. >> the humor did not last long. mr. romney has said that the president was slow to blame terrorist. >> get the transcript. >> he did, in fact, sir. >> slapped down by the moderator, he found it hard to recover. >> that took them a long time to say this was a terrorist act. hamite incorrect in that regard? on sunday, --
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>> he strode over to intimidate his floundering opponent. others were shocked by the brutality of the confrontation. >> the main points weren't hurt because of the aggression. >> i did not think it was going to be aggressive. i did think that obama would step up to the plate. >> it might be off-putting to some, but it put him back in the game and " the fear of supporters that he did not have the fight left in him. >> for more on last night's showdown. the big question, did the president do enough to stop the slide in the poll numbers? >> he came out a completely different person.
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al gore had said that maybe the altitude had affected him. it was a large question about whether it will up and the race, but i suspect we will see is a continuing close race all the way to november. governor romney had many good points about the president's record and hammered home the state of the economy. he seemed a little bothered in contrast to his last performance where he seemed in command at a number of points on the question on libya, he seemed nervous, flustered, and never really regained his stride after that. >> will that have the impact of the first debates? >> we tend not to pay much attention of for policy. it is not governor romney's strong area. some republicans are nervous the final debate on grounds largely handled by president obama.
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>> they tried to appeal to women. and who can often better? >> president obama did better on that. the light about binders full of women as been kind of a social be a joke for better or for worse and president obama had convictions of pay equity. >> 20 days ago, who has the edge? >> is a jump ball, a very close election. the 2000 election and that i lived through was very close, the 2004 election was close, i suspect this will be close. >> how are they going to make up their mind in this closing day? >> in states over, people are already voting, so we are learning when the tripwire is, and i suspect that it is often the last voice they hear, maybe
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they will wake up on the morning of november 6 in whatever the last when they hear. >> what will the candidates defocusing don? >> it is whether he can plausibly pass the commander-in- chief dust or if he has a bunch of talking points and if his foreign-policy will be to belligerent. president obama has a strong case to make broadly speaking that he has kept his promises and redirected the fight. i think he has a strong case to make on foreign policy. inlet's turn to developments new york were authorities have announced they arrested a man that was plotting to blow up the federal reserve building in manhattan. it appears that the arrest was the result of a sting operation. let's get more on this.
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barbara, what is the latest? >> we are told by the justice department that this plot has been in progress for quite a long time. he arrived in america back in january with the intent of carrying out terrorist attacks. when he tried recruit people, he inadvertently contacted an fbi informer. from the point on, they were monitoring him very closely and that no time was the public any danger. and there was an fbi agent that posed as a facilitator had supplied him with materials he thought were explosives. that agent was with him this morning when he assembled what he thought was a thousand-pound bomb. he tried repeatedly to detonate it from a nearby hotel and he was arrested after that. >> ever since 11 years ago,
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there have been a number of these sustain operations. widely the fbi use this technique? >> they will try to get potential terrorists off the streets. it serves their purposes to come alongside him and see what he is doing, follow what he is doing. the evidence can be used him in court -- and against him in court and that is what happened right to the very end, up to the point where he thought he was admitting a bomb. it raises dangers of entrapment, the idea of them encouraging them to carry out a terrorist attack as opposed to observing its. they are well aware of that and they stressed hotbed this was a plot completely devise by this man and he had come here with the express purpose of carrying out that plot.
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>> other news from around the world, 10 soldiers wounded in the suicide car bombing at a military outpost. has claimedn responsibility for the attack. three have been killed after a raid in mombasa. the injured several officers. not one of them later died. the u.s. ambassador to japan promised to cooperate fully in a probe into a launch of u.s. servicemen, detained on tuesday. tensions are high between the u.s. military and the locals campaigning for american bases to be removed from the island. lance armstrong was once regarded as a miracle man. not only did he win a record-
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breaking seven titles, he overcame cancer. the week after damning allegations were published against them, he was stripped of his car sponsorship deal with nike. he has announced that he is stepping down as chairman of his cancer charity. >> accused of being edgy, a starstruck career in danger of disintegrating. the scandal engulfing the champion gets bigger. his long-standing sponsored doesn't want to be associated with lance armstrong anymore. more than 1000 pages by the u.s. anti-doping agency, too strong to be ignored. despite constant in the aisles of wrongdoing. the announcement was made within minutes of another stunning revelation. he stepped down as chairman of the cancer charity he founded.
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live strong has raised hundreds of millions of dollars fighting the disease with them as its figurehead. in his first public statement since the release of the report, he said he had to distance himself from the foundation to spare it from being tarnished by the controversy. his reputation was built not only by his prowess on the bike but his network supporting cancer victims. he used it as a motivation for a come back to cycling in 2009. the damage to that reputation gets worse by the day. what is being described as the sordid affair will continue to reverberate. >> every time ago, i discussed his amazing fall from grace with usa today columnist. the nike stuck with him through thick and thin. or why did they finally did jim?
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gosh they really didn't nobody. tiger woods, kobe bryant, they misbehave at nike stays with them. the evidence was overwhelming, the allegations from the doping agency. those seven days, it became too much. that says it all. >> lance armstrong, can he really carry on denying these allegations? >> that news came a few minutes before the news of nike dropping him. we thought, my goodness, he blank. the first where he says, i can't go on. i think that is as much of an admission that we might see a while. although i hope he finally does
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come clean because this is a terrible time for him. >> did it ever seen ever so slightly meteoric to you? >> hall of the minister, he has fallen so far in disgrace. if you wanted to believe that he was a clean athlete and many people did, especially cancer survivors, family members of cancer survivors, he is an icon to them. if you wanted to believe he was clean, you have to say he was the only clean athlete and probably the dirtiest sport on the planet. there was a lot of wishful thinking to begin with. >> are we complicity because he wanted to believe in the fairy tale? >> that is the reason people cheer at the london olympics,
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that is what everything is about with sports which is why we love it so much. more and more, the sports news is a mirror of our society and lance armstrong is showing us the worst of society. >> despite what f. scott fitzgerald said, could there be a second back? >> anything is possible, but the notion that this man -- and we can make us strong case, put him into our world. this is one of the worst cases of lying and cheating we have never seen anything by a public figure. i find it hard to believe that he can come back. he has got a lot of explaining to do and a lot of making out to do. >> will we expect an apology in the near future? >> he is arrogant and of little,
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but i think it made the man did. >> the latest sought the in the lance armstrong story. still to come on tonight's program, an amazing athlete from an air candidate -- air canada pilot and the passengers that saved the day. cambodians are paying their respects to the country's former king that died on monday. the body arrived home today. jonathan has this report. >> saying goodbye to a man his extraordinary life mirrored the history of this country. at times, they were lining up to pray in a man that they all called the king father. i feel so emotional.
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it was the father of our independence and the king throughout my life. they clutch flowers and portraits. to some, the sense of loss was too much. cambodians in particular, it symbolizes a lost era of innocence. they started lining the streets have watched their can take his final journey. >> most of the younger people that have come here have actually seen very little of a man that spent most of the last few decades out of the country who last held any real power half a century ago, but he has been one of the very few constants in a country that has endured many changes. that is why many have come out for a final farewell.
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>> after hours of waiting, the gilded coffin finally swept past on its way to the royal palace where it will lie in stasis for months. this is the end of that era, not just for cambodia, but the world of colorful and charismatic autocrats. >> of jewish settlements in the west bank have long been a source of tension. they are considered illegal under international law but israel disputes this. israel as wanting to demolish a village to make way for a new settlement. it claims the village itself was constructed illegally, but campaigners say forcing them to move contravenes international law.
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>> the 10-year-old is a good student. but like many girls, she loves going to school. the boys, less so. gold from old tires, the school is precarious in more ways than one. all of the students here are children of arab nomads that have relocated to the dusty valley in the occupied west bank. now the israelis want them to move again. >> the school is part of our community, if it is closed and demolished, the girls in particular will suffer. they will probably have to drop out of education. >> the many jewish settlement overlooking the school are
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illegal under international law. israel says this is israeli state land and has plans to develop the settlement. they say they have no legal right to be here, so they must move on. >> it was built the takeover in a political act, a piece of land. we are sellers, we use a very similar tactics. >> with movement and access to land increasingly restricted, they say their way of life is under threat in what has become a struggle for basic civil rights, israel stands to relocate as many as 30,000 from several different communities. in this community, their full israelis and the sins and were moved here by the israeli government in the 1950's from their ancestral land.
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they now face of the chin, their homes to be demolished because israel wants to build a new community here. israel says this village and many others are not recognized and therefore, illegal. they argue that the forced relocation of these communities would contravene international law. >> we want to move you to bring someone else. as a set, human rights are suspended. the rule of law is suspended. >> concentrating on her homework, she has a dream to one day become a teacher. her father admits if the school was demolished, that dream might never be realized. >> we have received a statement
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since filming that story that says the school was built illegally, they have no permits for construction. he issued a stop orders and demolition orders. the state is still waiting to find an appropriate place for relocation, but it will be demolished eventually. the to a remarkable rescue thanks to a pilot and his passengers. the crew on board an air canada flight was asked to divert her and held five a solo yachtsman lost at sea. having a dog in the ocean would be an impossible task, so the captain came up with a plan. help lone yachtsman, coming in the unlikely form of the diverted passenger jet. the 15-hour journey was
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interrupted for those on board the air canada via -- flight. sent to search for the missing blood, the crew and passengers became lookouts. >> everyone's heart started beating a little bit faster. anything out of the ordinary as a bit concerning. they said, we would appreciate it if everyone could look out their windows and if anybody has any binoculars that can help us identify this yacht, it would be helpful. >> the trip was nearing the final destination when the pilot was asked to divert. that meant to descend from 35,000 feet to 5,000 feet, allowing all those on board to get a good look at the ocean below. >> i made the announcement to the passengers, please help us look for, if you see anything. it is difficult to find anything.
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5,000 feet is still about a mile above the water. they say, i see what i think as the boat. what we proceeded over and it was almost exactly where they had told us it would be. >> once he had been spotted, an austrian police boat pick it up. he is said to be in good condition after his dramatic rescue. >> now to a final story. how much would you pay for a pair of slippers? in paris, a single payer sold it at auction for almost $65,000. the are over 200 years old and in excellent condition. the auction of the queen's belongings took place following her anniversary. she was be headed during the french revolution in october of
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1793. that brings today's program to a close. you can find constant updates on our web site and you can reach me and must of the bbc team on twitter. for all of us here, thanks for watching. we will see you tomorrow. >> make sense of international news. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vt., and honolulu. newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their expertise in global finance the
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